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Dive into ThriveU Academy's curated course library, tailored for college-bound students and their families. From mastering applications to personal development, we guide you through every facet of the college journey, ensuring you're primed to excel. Join us and transform your collegiate experience.

ThriveU Academy

Navigating college can feel like a complex labyrinth, especially when you're determined to outpace peers and carve out a standout academic and career journey.

But what if there was a surefire map, skillfully crafted by those who've walked the maze before and conquered its twists? All our Premium courses are included ThriveU Pioneer Fast Track Plan, a golden ticket designed exclusively for go-getters like you.

🕒 Step into the Professor's Corner

Remember those burning questions during lectures that went unanswered due to time constraints? Or the deep dives into subjects that you wished you could've had with your professor after class?

With our unique "Professor's Corner" Office Hours, those constraints are a thing of the past. It's not just another Q&A session; it's a deep, real-time connection with leading experts and educators. Think of it as a personalized backstage pass where knowledge meets opportunity, ensuring you never feel lost or underprepared.

📈 Evolve with ThriveU Masterclass: Knowledge is abundant, but wisdom? That's the real game-changer. With "ThriveU Masterclass" Courses, you don’t just consume information; you absorb insights that set you apart.

These premium courses aren’t about textbook knowledge. They are journeys curated by industry mavens, ensuring you don't just graduate with grades, but with a wisdom that remains unparalleled.

This isn't just another course subscription; it’s a lifetime access to evolving wisdom. Dive deep, take the leap, and watch yourself not just succeed, but truly thrive.

By joining ThriveU, you'll unlock a world of benefits and resources, all designed to help you navigate and maximize your college experience. 

Available Courses

Beyond the Brand: The Ultimate Guide to College ROI

Hey, college-bound families! Are you drowning in college rankings and wondering which colleges are worth it or how to balance price and prestige? Join us for Balancing Price and Prestige in College Admissions to Get the Greatest Return on Your Investment Hosted by Elliot Felix, Author of “How to Get the Most Out of College”

Letting Go: A Guide for Parents of College-Bound Students

This course is designed to provide parents with the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate the transition period when their child leaves for college. It addresses the emotional challenges parents may face, how to support their college-bound student, and how to adjust to the new family dynamics. Communication expectations, changing roles, etc.

Money Matters: Understanding College Financing

A course for both parents and students that breaks down the complexities of college financing, including scholarships, grants, loans, work-study programs, and personal finance management for students.

The Perfect Application

This course can guide students through the college application process, discussing how to create compelling personal statements, how to seek and secure letters of recommendation, and how to present their extracurricular activities and achievements in the best light.

"The First-Year Experience: Surviving and Thriving in Your First Year of College

This course can prepare incoming students for the changes they'll face in their first year, from living away from home to managing their new academic responsibilities.

Navigating the New Normal: Online Learning Strategies

With the increase in online and hybrid learning models, a course on effective online learning strategies, digital tools for students, and maintaining motivation in a virtual learning environment could be very beneficial.

We’ll be adding more courses this fall.

If you have a suggestion for a course topic, let us know!

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